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Agens und Werner

"I see my calling as identifying the significant, understanding it scientifically, and translating it into everyday life, all of it saturated with a lived faith, and adding a dash of humor."

Soon we, Agnes and I, will be married for 50 years.

We are originally from Nuremberg, Germany, have been living in Würzburg for 45 years and have six adult children ... 

... and some grandchildren.Enkel

In 1978 we found to a living relationship with God, now gratefully looking back on many years of following Jesus and being amazed at the trees that could be planted along the wayside:


I, Werner, born in 1949, 
Dipl. Psychologist., was Chair of the IGNIS Academy for Christian Psychology in Kitzingen, Germany, from 1986 to 2012, www.ignis.de 

  In addition to management tasks and pioneering projects, I taught basic questions of Christian psychology and counseling. 

 My ministries have taken me into many denominations and Christian communities nationally and internationally. In connection with the development of a Christian psychology, the unity of the body of Christ is an important concern to me.

My practical psychological focus was on advising foster and adoptive families. The experiences there led to the concept of a Healing No, not only in educational situations, but also in everyday interactions between adults.

“We need a fundamental reconciliation with saying no!”

2022 I wrote my book: A Healing No - Redeeming the way to say NO



In addition, over many years I helped to set up the Institute for Christian Psychology, Education and Therapy in Switzerland, today a "Höhere Fachschule" for social education.

More here: www.icp.ch


For over 10 years I have been coordinating the European Movement for Christian Anthropology, Psychology and Therapy, www.emcapp.eu and I am the editor of the free e-journal Christian Psychology Around The World: https://emcapp.ignis.de.



Since 2016 I have been pursuing one of my basic concerns by publishing the German-language e-magazine www.gehaltvoll-magazin.de, ... 


... that the ordinary everyday can become the extraordinary, if it is lived in connection with God and others.



As an author, I have written numerous books in German, including textbooks, stories, poems and city books.

All books here: https://wernermay.jimdofree.com/ 


"It's not the lucky who are grateful. It's the grateful who are happy."

(Francis Bacon) 


Contact: post@werner-may.de